About us

Laboratori de Referència de Catalunya is a clinical reference laboratory. LRC offers in excess of 2,000 tests, ranging from routine screening tests to highly esoteric molecular assays.


Offer a clinical analysis service to back up all professionals in the health service, to help them in clinical diagnosis and therapeutic decisions with a high commitment on quality and education, also put at disposal of users an information and management service for laboratories with the technical quality levels required in all international models, all these included in a frame of sustainability and ongoing innovation used as a tool for continuous improvement.


To be a laboratory considered as a role model of management, with high quality standards and getting involved in the planning of educational programs for our professionals. Create synergies with the clinical management of health centers actively involved in the health care function. Betting for innovation as a permanent tool to improve and optimize diagnosis and medical treatment.


Our aim to serve: Our objectives and strategies are based on our good will in giving all the best of ourselves.
Efficiency: Taking advantages of time and resources.
Team work: Understanding team work as an essential concept for the survival of our organization.
Transparency: Promoting an open and reciprocal flow of communication to achieve transparency.
Professional ethics: Make use of ethic principles and corporate responsibility in all our actions and as the base of our relationships.
Inquisitiveness in research and innovation: To be updated in new technologies and new tools as a way of continuous improvement.
Environmental sustainability: Reduce the natural resources consume and control of our impact in the environment.